Moon Diet Plan: Extended Version

The extended moon diet plan covers all phases of the moon. As the light and power of the moon waxes and wanes, it exerts different forces and effects on the human body. In addition to the fasting days during the full and new moon (basic moon diet), there are other guidelines you can follow during these other phases to take full advantage of the moon's influence.

You can use the moon phase calendar on this site to help you know when to begin each stage of the moon diet. Use a software program such as QuickPhase Pro for best accuracy plus other cool features. For iPhone and Android devices, consider Luna Solaria.

Full Moon

The best time to start the extended moon diet plan is with the full moon. The period of the waning moon that immediately follows the full moon is the easiest part of the moon diet due to the easing of the moon's influence and looser dieting restrictions. You will progress more rapidly during this time, which will make it easier to continue your diet later on.

During the 24 hours of the full moon you must follow the fasting procedure described in the basic moon diet plan. Eat no solid foods, but drink as much water and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice as you like! In addition to exercising your self control, you can lose up to 6 lbs of water weight and eliminate unhealthy toxins during this time. This gives you a wonderful jump start to the moon diet.

Waning Moon

Following the full moon comes the waning moon, when its light slowly decreases. This is a period of elimination for the human body as the moon encourages detoxification and the flushing of any extra water from the body. In addition the body's cravings tend to decrease and weight is easier to maintain.

During the waning moon you must be sure to drink plenty of water to stimulate further removal of toxins and replace the water being pushed from your body by the moon's influence. In general, it's recommended to drink about 8 glasses of water each day of the waning moon. In addition, follow a balanced diet of solid foods during this period.

New Moon

When the light of the moon is completely gone from the night sky, the new moon has a great influence on the human body. Following the trend of the waning moon, the new moon is the greatest period of elimination.

As with the full moon, during these 24 hours you must follow the guidelines explained for the basic moon diet plan—fluids only, no solid food. In addition, detoxifying teas have the greatest effect during the new moon. Try drinking more sage, dandelion, or metabolism-boosting green tea to maximize the new moon's cleansing influence. This is your best opportunity to flush toxins from your body and lose additional water weight.

Waxing Moon

After the new moon, the period of the waxing moon begins and the moon's light grows in the night sky. During this time food cravings tend to increase, eventually leading to their peak at the full moon. Your self discipline will be brought to the test during this time.

While under the influence of the waxing moon you must eat less than usual. You don't have to starve yourself, but you need to be sure to stop eating your meals as soon as you begin to feel full—don't overeat and don't give in to cravings! Especially avoid thickeners (sweets, fats, etc.) in this phase. Most importantly, you shouldn't eat after 6 p.m., when the moon's light starts to become more visible. Wait until morning to eat again. Drinking more fluids between 3 and 5 p.m. will help you feel more full and control any cravings that strike in the evening hours before you go to bed.

Although this period leading up to the full moon can be more difficult than other phases, you can look forward to the relatively easier guidelines of the waning moon after that.

By following the guidelines above for the extended moon diet, you can reap many weight loss / weight management benefits. Best of all, it is easy to do and natural, something you can do every month of the year.