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An Instant Moon Calendar
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This is a working model. Try it: choose any month or year. This is how it will look on YOUR WEBSITE. You can have it up and running in minutes with copy-and-paste code.
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Dear Friend,

Does your website cover any of the following topics? (Check any that apply to you.)

Star Gazing
Medical Practice
New Age
Other (I can't list all possible sites!)

If you checked any of the above -- or if you already understand the benefits of having a moon calendar on your website -- then you need to drop everything for just a few minutes and read this message.

All the subject areas above (and more, too many to list them all) have something in common. And that "something" is the moon ... specifically, following the moon phases.

Millions of people watch the moon and follow its phases, even if for no other reason than it is an alluring, beautiful part of our natural environment. And they're not just interested in the current moon, they're also wanting to know future moon phases for planning, and past moon phases for research or just curiosity.

These enthusiasts WILL look up moon phase information somewhere ... why not at their favorite website? Yours! :-)

If anyone interested in the moon is on YOUR website, they'll use YOUR moon calendar instead of looking elsewhere ... and they'll thank you for it.

Introducing "Instant Moon Calendar"

Instant Moon Calendar is always fresh, always updated with current moon information, and a very useful tool for past and future moon phases. Our wonderful moon is of course always changing, moment to moment, day to day, and your website will accurately display these phases to your visitors.

It's Easy To Add To Your Website

Creating and maintaining great sticky content or interactive tools like Instant Moon Calendar isn't easy or cheap.

However, I've done all the hard work. All you do is put one small javascript code snippet* to any page on your site, and the calendar instantly appears in that spot! You can even move it or put it on more than one page. No need to upload extra files or install anything.

All the complex coding that calculates the moon phase and creates the calendar is done transparently on my servers. That means calendar page views won't even take your bandwidth! I'll eat the bandwith cost.

Up and Running In 15 Minutes Or Less

After you subscribe, you'll be given a short, unique piece of code. Just copy that code snippet, and paste it inside any of your web pages.

If you have a webmaster, simply tell them which page you would like the calendar to appear on (you can even add it to multiple pages).

You or your webmaster can literally accomplish the task in a few minutes if you have an existing page with space for the calendar to appear. If you don't have a page ready, that's OK! Get the code now while it's on your mind, and figure out where to put it later. You can always move it around. It's very flexible.


You can customize certain calendar features so it nicely matches your website. You can change the width, or change the background color of the outer blank area, or get rid of the outer area altogether to save space. (If you are technical-minded and care to know, the minimum width is 470 pixels wide.)

Other than your customizations, the resulting calendar will look exactly like the calendar above, with the beautiful moons, black background, attractive graphics, and date controls. The only difference is the addition of the words "For use on" (with your actual website name of course), to indicate that it is your tool not to be used elsewhere.

You do not need to provide any other credit or links back to, as you have the right to place the calendar on your website as if you developed it.

A Great Asset For Your Website

If you've read this far, then I think we can both agree that Instant Moon Calendar would be a great asset to your site.

How great? Of course I can't say exactly, because I don't know how much a visitor is worth to you. But if Instant Moon Calendar doesn't increase the value of your site much more than its cost, I would be very surprised -- and that's why I'm not afraid to offer an absolute refund guarantee.

(Even if your site doesn't exist for profit or revenue, I'm betting you will get much more than the value of the subscription simply by the goodwill and usefulness the moon calendar will provide to the audience you built your website for!)

I'm a little embarrassed to mention the price for fear it will seem too low ... but I've decided on an introductory price of just $29.95 to put it on your website right now. This includes all updates, upgrades and hosting for a year.

Use it for an entire year -- 365 days, at the rate of just 8 cents a day. At the end of one year you can decide whether or not to renew your subscription again.

There's NO Risk Whatsoever

There is no contract or committment. Simply try it out on your site. If it doesn't work out for whatever reason, just tell me within 90 days and I'll cancel your order and return 100% of the money you paid. You are in complete control and can decide if you want to renew (at the same price or lower) and keep Instant Moon Calendar on your website after one year is up.

So boost your website's success even more and click here (or use the button below) to get your Instant Moon Calendar today.

To Your Site's Success,

David Rose

P.S. - Because this is a new program, I may raise the price if necessary. So ... if you're interested, don't wait. Click here to add Instant Moon Calendar to your site.

Instant access to your calendar code (even if it's 2:00 AM!).

* Technical Note: Instant Moon Calendar will work on any website where you can run Javascript without restrictions. That will be true if ... you have your own domain name ... or if you pay for hosting of your website ... because you have full control over what content is allowed on your site. The only time you would have a problem is if you try to place it on free website or blog provider, like,,, tumblr, etc, etc, because they have their own rules and restrictions on 3rd party scripts. Instant Moon Calendar will work on WordPress sites, Joomla sites, Drupal and any other site builder out there that runs on your own domain or hosting account. Based on this information, if you think it should work on your website, it probably will. Remember there is a quick and courtous 100% money back guarantee in the rare chance it doesn't work out for you. Simply click here to get Instant Moon Calendar for your website.