What's Happening to the iGoogle Moon Gadget?

As you know, iGoogle personalized home page officially retired on November 1, 2013.

You are probably wondering if there are any alternatives to the iGoogle Current Moon Phase gadget . The answer is YES, I am developing some options so you can use the gadget on various 3rd party platforms. None of the services will be exactly the same as iGoogle (though some come close), but you'll still get the main benefit: to have the current moon phase easily in view.

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Gadget Updates List

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Your Options - Current Status

iPhone App (Luna Solaria): This is finished! ...Version 1 at least. Even more features coming. (Note: For iOS7, swiping between screens currently a bit choppy. It's a minor issue we almost have a fix for, but otherwise the app is stable and works great. Click here for the Luna Solaria page.

Android App (Luna Solaria): This is coming soon! Again you can read more here.

NetVibes: Finished! Click here to view the gadget in the NetVibes widget gallery. Set up an account to add the gadget to your dashboard. This site already works with iGoogle gadgets. You can import/transfer your iGoogle home page to UStart. Visit the website for more information.

igHome: Finished! Click here to view the gadget in the igHome directory. Sign in (create an account) on igHome to personalize your home page and add gadgets.

BlueG: Finished! Actually, apparently the gadget has been there for awhile... because BlueG is using the same technology as iGoogle and has simply copied over many of the previous iGoogle gadgets including this moon gadget. This is the most identical alternative to iGoogle I've seen so far. You can view the gadget home page on BlueG here.

Desktop Widgets: Chrome Desktop App, and native Mac and Windows gadget. Planned.

Chrome Extension and/or App: Planned.

Maybe: Protopage, iGooglePortal and others I may not get around to mentioning here. I hope to add the gadget to a lot of other portals but for now I'm only focusing on the easier or more popular options. Some of these I question the benefit compared to the time spent figuring out how best to use them. Feel free to contact me with any requests.

Others: There are some other platforms that probably won't work for this. "Yahoo Widgets" has been discontinued. There are a lot of "start page" services (such as Symbaloo, My Yahoo, My MSN, StartMe, etc) that don't support gadgets like this; instead, they are simply a home page to organize links to websites you like. For those sites, you can always add a link to our current moon phase page.

If you want full-featured desktop software (for Windows) then of course you can look at QuickPhase Pro. It's not a small widget always in view, but it does give a lot more detail and is fun to use.