What's Above

The little app with stellar ambitions

A program to put the zodiac at your fingertips

Whatsabove is easy to use. Its single screen shows the solar system as seen from the earth. The empty circle at the center of the zodiac wheel is the earth. The sun, the moon, and the remaining planets are the colored circles distributed inside the wheel's sectors.

The angle of each planet matches its geocentric ecliptic longitude (it's sign or House) but individual orbits aren't to scale and the planets' sizes are an aesthetic choice.

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The colors of the planets are the same as in the key above the chart. However, except for Mercury and Venus, the order is always the same – with the moon closest to the center; and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune outermost. Exactly as you'd expect.

The two ditherers, Mercury and Venus, can occur on either side of the sun. Again, the wheel is a schematic representation and you can't deduce much about their real world positions (beyond their longitude). However, it's guaranteed to be an inferior conjuction if the planet is in front of the sun. And when a planet lines up behind, then it's a superior conjunction.

The planets are shown for the current time of day and selected date. You can select any date in the month by clicking on the calendar. (The time remains the current time.) And, if you've purchased access, you can swipe horizontally to move to other months and years.

The normal astrological convention is to rotate the wheel so the sun's sign, during sunrise, is at 9 o'clock. Unfortunately, we can't do that (yet) so Aries in always the first sign. But this in no way alters the angles between planets or the houses they're in. It's just a spin of the wheel.

That's it for version 1

But version 2 will add detailed information about individual planets' positions and phases.

And further down the line we'd like to see lists of upcoming events, notifications, rise and set times and night sky images. The ability to control the specific time and place would be nice, too. And there will be other color schemes. Definitely other schemes. But that's for the future.

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