QuickPhase Pro Moon Phase Software

QuickPhase Pro is a full-featured, beautiful moon software program for Windows desktop computers, and soon for Mac computers.

We are now working on an exciting new update: Version 4.0! It is being developed for Mac and Windows computers. See for info.

Thousands of people from around the world have used the software for over 12 years!

Fishermen, hunters, gardeners, hikers, photographers, teachers, researchers, psychologists, New Age enthusiasts, paranormal investigators, astrologers, astronomers, dieters (and more) have all enjoyed the software.

QuickPhase Pro provides quick moon data for current, past and future dates and times. Data includes phase, age, percentage, postion details ... new, full, first and last quarter moon times ... and more. You can enter a precise instance and the program will calculate moon data for you. It also provides a moon calendar.

Here is a screenshot of the home screen of the current version...

For more details on the new or current version please click here to visit

If you have an iPhone or Android computer and are looking for a mobile app, take a look at Luna Solaria.